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With a firm commitment to the authentic traditions of jewelry making, Mouawad explores new frontiers of artistry. Every piece of high jewelry created is destined to associate the beholder with a bond of admiration and passion. It has to be more beautiful, more brilliant, and more scintillating than any other – all the while offering rarity and timelessness. In the most elegant host of choices, Mouawad High Jewelry is a statement of precise craftsmanship, relentless refinement, and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection.


Victoria Suite

Luxury Diamonds

Interlacing enchanting allure and eternal brilliance in a one-of-a-kind bejeweled creation, the Victoria Diamond Suite dazzles with a blindingly white array of round, pear-shaped, and heart-shaped diamonds totaling 122.81 carat combined. Handcrafted in drapes of 18-karat white gold and laden with unparalleled sophistication, this diamond masterpiece is truly an example of jewelry making at its finest.


Pristine Treasure Suite

Luxury Diamonds

It is the purity of heavenly white diamonds and the intricate, masterful design conceived by Mouawad’s skilled artisans that grant the Pristine Treasure suite its regal appeal. With 142.76 carat of diamonds of various shapes hanging in radiant strands, the necklace, bracelet, and earrings shimmer with heavenly sheen. Exuding a similar charm, the ring foregrounds a 4.02-carat pear-shaped diamond surrounded by fiery white jewels ― making for a stunning finishing touch.


Pure Allure

Luxury Diamond Suite

A ritual calm and mesmerizing aura infuses the magnificent Pure Allure diamond suite. Conceived for a true diamond lover, this masterpiece features a splendid array of round, oval, marquise, and pear-shaped white diamonds totaling 112.42 carat, set in 18-karat white gold. With its timeless beauty and classic stance, the Pure Allure suite expresses the pursuit of a precious dream in an orchestration of scintillating light and elegance that eludes time.


Zinnia Suite

Ruby and White Diamonds

Beautifully elegant, this diamond and ruby suite was conceived with 111.06 carat of red Burmese rubies and 61.07 carat of white diamonds, set in 18-karat white and rose gold. Truly fit for a courtly presence, this exquisite bespoke set bursts with radiance and splendor and shares no equal.


Venus Suite

Ruby and White Diamond

The epitome of beauty and love, the mesmerizing Venus suite is a marvelous statement of refined craftsmanship and modern jewelry design. Featuring beautiful cabochon red rubies masterfully set amongst round and oval white diamonds in 18-karat white and rose gold, this rare creation is a brilliant emblem of surreal splendor.


Twilight Garden

Emerald and White Diamond Suite

A magnificent array of pure white diamonds is enlivened by the intense green glow of stunning emeralds in the Twilight Garden suite. The necklace is a poetic contrast between 48.80 carat of baguette, marquise, and round brilliant-cut diamonds and 38.29 carat of oval emeralds. The matching bracelet, earrings, and ring are all adorned with diamonds and emeralds of similar cuts and motifs, creating an enchanting ensemble of unworldly beauty.


Fleur de Vie

Emerald and Diamond Suite

The absolutely divine Fleur de Vie suite brings forth exquisite emeralds weighing 30.56 carat, interspersed by diamonds totaling 35.23 carat. In a magnificent floral design, every piece is masterfully crafted in 18-karat white and yellow gold to give both value and brilliance to the diamonds and emeralds. Truly fit for a princess, this wondrous set bursts with both radiance and splendor.


Blue Iris

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Suite

Hewn from nature and crafted by Mouawad master artisans, the Blue Iris suite entrances the eye with the blissful blossoms of springtime. With utmost meticulousness, stunning blue sapphires are joined by diamonds in intricate floral motifs crafted in 18-karat white gold, forming a suite of regal splendor.


Bleu Mystique

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Suite

The mystical hues of the sky above are wonderfully depicted in the Bleu Mystique suite. As a sublime tribute to the eternally enchanting play between darkness and light, this High Jewelry ensemble dazzles with a composition of round, marquise, and pear-shaped blue sapphires totaling 76.88 carat, nestled among 51.65 carat of round diamonds in wonderful harmony.